Advancing Technology Landscape for Next-gen Business Assurance

Insights from Subex’s 2023-24 Business Assurance Technology Readiness for Assurance and Compliance Index Survey


What's in the Whitepaper?


To empower CSPs to enhance operational efficiency and explore new revenue opportunities, Subex launched the 2023-24 Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey, focusing on the Technology Readiness for Assurance and Compliance Index (TRACI). This survey assessed the operational readiness of telecom companies in managing risk, assurance, and compliance through advanced tooling and automation. TRACI provides a comprehensive evaluation of how effectively these tools and automation fulfill the stringent requirements of Revenue and Business Assurance, offering a critical benchmark for organizations to gauge their technological capabilities.

This whitepaper delves into detailed insights from the survey, providing actionable guidance for Business Assurance teams to improve their technological and operational readiness. Key highlights include:

  • Global and regional benchmarks for Revenue and Business Assurance – for Maturity, Organization, AI/ML implementation, technology.
  • Essential factors to transition from Revenue Assurance to Business Assurance.
  • In-depth analysis of the Business Assurance Technology Readiness Survey.
  • A step-by-step approach to advance Business Assurance

The 2023-24 Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey garnered over 200 responses from 150 telecom operators worldwide, with a significant 82% of these responses coming from key decision-makers.