AI-Powered Enterprise
Contract Assurance: A Practical Guide to Mitigating Risks and
Achieving Operational Excellence

As per the TMF report 2023 more than 90% of opportunities growth are from B2B or Enterprise business. The swift growth of B2B operations globally heralds a shift toward interconnected, digital-first business environments. With an ever-expanding range of partnerships spanning digital wallets to e-commerce platforms, the enterprise contract market is rapidly evolving. This digital expansion leads to a dramatic increase in the complexity and volume of contracts, challenging enterprises with their management and compliance, and risking inefficiencies and revenue leakage. Enterprises need a comprehensive, automated solution that integrates deep learning to streamline contract analysis, enhance accuracy, and ensure compliance.

Subex’s AI-driven Enterprise Contract Assurance leverages deep learning to provide a robust platform for automated contract analysis and operational data integration. This not only ensures compliance but also enhances operational efficiency, reducing the time and resources spent on contract management. It helps to achieve following benefits:

  • Cuts infrastructure and resource costs by at least 50% versus traditional OCR.
  • Boosts efficiency by 60%, automating previously manual processes.
  • Delivers 99.99% accuracy, far exceeding typical OCR solutions.
  • Provides timely financial transaction validation to minimize risk and protect financial health.