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BT drives growth, optimises cost and boosts coverage with Subex Business Assurance

BT drives growth, optimises cost and boosts coverage with Subex Business Assurance


BT Group plc, commonly known as BT, is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1969 and is a leading provider of fixed-line, broadband, mobile, gaming, TV services and more in the UK. BT also offers a range of IT and network services to businesses and governments globally. It operates in over 180 countries and has over 100,000 employees worldwide. It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. BT's core business activities include voice and data communications, cloud services, cybersecurity, TV, managed IT services, and digital transformation. BT is committed to sustainable business practices and has set a target of becoming a net-zero emissions business by 2045.


Subex and BT have had a long-standing partnership for many years, with Subex providing three key products: BA (Business Assurance), PS (Partner settlement) Billing, and FM (Fraud Management). BT chose Subex’s Business Assurance for its adaptable architecture, interactive configuration, reporting capabilities, and robust parallel processing engine that enables it to handle large volumes of data. The flexibility of BA allows for the quick development of new applications or reports on the platform. This has led to ongoing expansion projects to cover new digital services provided by BT and provide larger business assurance solution with Managed services during ongoing transformations. Business Assurance is a comprehensive approach that allows BT to manage risks and ensure the integrity of business processes, financial reporting, and customer experience, etc.


BT’s objective for their Business Assurance practice was to:


Focus on new business areas and critical business transformation activities.


Expand the scope of traditional Revenue Assurance practices.


Maintain compliance with external audits by providing evidence of system integrity.


Minimize the risk of leakage and maintain business continuity.


Continuously improve processes and technologies to align with changing business requirements.


Enhance Customer experience for digital, invoicing, billing services etc.


BT chose Subex's Business Assurance solution for their Global Business Services division and operational needs, based on the following important aspects: 


Subex's team of analysts uses their business expertise to interpret controls and identify issues with components or business processes. They also provide insights into the root causes of these issues.


Subex's UK-based Managed Service team comprises experienced analysts and design experts who have worked with BT Global Services for many years. They understand the challenges of supporting BT's diverse global enterprise, managing international product lines, deploying new solutions, and transforming existing ones. The team's broad range of skills in analysis and technology helps BT design and deploy new solutions and maintain BAU control monitoring services.


Subex's experience in Business Assurance and Managed Services provides a stable source of expertise on BT Global Business products, systems, and processes. This expertise is shared through regular meetings, training sessions, and demonstrations. Subex actively participates in discussions around migrations and new product launches to establish requirements, identify risks, support development, and establish testing strategies.

Subex's Business Assurance tool processes over 5 billion CDR
records per month in near real-time. The tool's interactive process
modeler automatically identifies discrepancies, tracks suspense
account levels, validates supplier invoices, and generates various
reports. It includes margin analysis, cross-country interconnect
analysis, system throughput, anomaly detection, missing or
duplicated files, month-on-month summaries, and case
management. Subex's Business Assurance operates 24/7,
providing daily reconciliations on easily accessible dashboards to
show where leakage may be occurring from various product lines.
Examples of significant coverage areas include:

• Revenue Assurance:
It ensures that every billable event triggered on the network gets rated by the downstream billing systems. These controls cover many different types of switches (TDM and digital), mediation platforms and billing systems around the globe.

• Cost Assurance:
Supplier invoices for 90 global operators are validated to ensure that the invoices match what is expected based on traffic sent via the suppliers. The invoices come in various formats, such as xls, csv, and pdf, and in different languages. Subex loads the invoices and automatically reconciles them against the recorded usage to produce a report highlighting any differences.

• Subscription Assurance:
Contact Centre Service numbers provisioned to a customer are compared to the customer invoice to make sure billing is aligned to the network inventory.

Business benefits

BT achieved various benefits through the implementation of Business Assurance capabilities, including:


Enhanced automation with Business Assurance coverage, resulting in more efficient identification and addressing of potential issues.


Averted leakage through investigation of anomalies, creation of new reports, and providing technical and business consultancy.


Identification of issues that
impacted revenues, costs,
transformations, and operations.


Compliance with external audits and provision of evidence of system integrity over the past two years.


Provision of daily, weekly, and monthly control reports by Subex and raising of tickets within BT's fault tracking system for further investigation.


The highly flexible and scalable architecture of the Subex Business Assurance platform allowed it to grow and scale effectively with BT's changing requirements.


The UK-based Subex team and data centre maintained strict BT-specific security standards and were fully trained in BT security protocols and GDPR requirements.

The way Forward

Based on the above data, we at BT are happy to have Subex as our long-term partner, providing us with comprehensive revenue and cost assurance solutions and assisting us in our digital transformation journey. We appreciate the value that Subex's Business Assurance tool brings to our business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Subex to further enhance our digital capabilities, explore new opportunities, invest in analytics and automation, and provide the best possible service to our customers.

 Customer Testimonial 

Subex's Business Assurance tool provides us with the visibility and control we need to manage our diverse global enterprise, including our international product lines and new digital services. With Subex's help, we've been able to quickly expand our coverage and provide business assurance during ongoing transformation. Their team of professional analysts and design experts have been a valuable asset in assisting us with the design and deployment of new solutions. We highly recommend Subex to other businesses looking for a partner to help them enhance & expand their Business Assurance scope and transformation.

Adrian Thomas  Adrian Thomas
  Senior Manager – Group Business Assurance, BT Group

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