Webinar: Future Proofing Revenue Assurance Practitioners with Business Assurance Transformation


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In the dynamic telecom market, businesses encounter complex challenges in revenue protection and operational efficiency due to technological advancements, shifting customer demands and evolving regulations. TM Forum survey predicts rising need for coverage assessment with 30% telcos (out of 46 respondents in survey) using TMF Revenue Assurance (RA) coverage model. 

Join us in this insightful webinar where Chandra Sekhar Kondapi discusses how Revenue Assurance professionals can become ready for the Business Assurance transformation and handle the evolving challenges. He will delve deeper into the vital role of Consulting and Advisory services for Business Assurance within today's ever-changing telecom landscape. Through tailored strategies and best practices, learn how to effectively combat revenue leakage, optimize operations, and elevate the customer experience in the face of modern challenges.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • A deep dive into changing technology, customer demand, and regulatory shifts impacting Telecom operators.
  • Understanding the rising complexities and the ever-evolving role of Revenue Assurance practitioners for Business Assurance transformation.
  • Insight into how consulting and advisory services contribute to maturity enhancement, RA to BA migration, margin optimization, and more.
  • Case studies: Real-world insights and recommended approaches.

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Chandra Sekhar Kondapi

Chandra Sekhar Kondapi
Director Business Consulting