Telecom Fraud Alerts - APR - Jun 2019

‘Do not call them back!’: FCC warns of late-night scam calls

The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about robocallers who ring up targets, then abruptly hang up. Those who call back are connected to a number that charges by the minute. It’s known as a “Wangiri” scam, Japanese for one-ring-and-cut.

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3 scammers arrested in Dubai for issuing hundreds of illegal SIM cards, financial fraud

A three-member gang stood on trial before the Dubai Criminal Court for illegally issuing hundreds of SIM cards and using them for phone scams. One of the defendants, a mobile store owner, issued the SIM cards under the customer's name without their knowledge.

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Zambia could pay heavy price for mobile money fraud

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) said it has been inundated with complaints from local mobile money service subscribers regarding theft from their accounts.

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How a crew of fraudsters allegedly stole $19 million worth of iPhones

Over the past seven years, a New York City-based fraud ring allegedly stole more than $19 million worth of iPhones by posing as cellphone subscribers to get new devices at little or no cost.

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Gambia losing millions from simbox fraud

The Gambia’s public regulatory authority has reported that the country is losing unprecedented sums of millions of dalasis in revenue over illegal redirection of international calls by unscrupulous individuals who bypass the country’s international gateway. 

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SIM swap fraud is on the rise in Spain, experts warn

If you suddenly lose your smartphone signal for no good reason, check your bank accounts. When Mario Fernández’s cellphone signal failed, he came out with the familiar “Damn technology!” He switched it off, then back on again, but to no avail. 

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Three on trial for stealing Dh2.8 million in Sim swap fraud

Three men are on trial accused of transferring Dh2.8 million from a man’s account through a Sim swap fraud, a Dubai court heard on Tuesday.A 29-year-old Indian salesman forged multiple documents and an Emirates ID before requesting a telecoms company to change ownership of a Sim from the victim’s name to a company owned by a 51-year-old Bangladeshi defendant.

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Apple Warns iPhone Users Not To Answer Apple Support Calls

iPhone users have been warned not to answer calls from Apple unless they have specifically requested one using the official Apple online support page. This comes off the back of a rash of spoofed support calls that have become increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to get access to Apple iCloud accounts.

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Government says social security phone scam an epidemic

The federal government says a social security scam has become an epidemic. The scam works by tricking people with a common ruse. Criminals use technology to spoof the caller ID they’re calling from to say the call is coming in from the Social Security Administration.

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