How AI Can Complement Business Assurance for 5G



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What's in the Point of View?

Although 5G provides CSPs with new business models to generate significantly high revenues, they also compound the risks in data, identity, network, seamless integration, etc.

How can CSPs handle these complexities?

In this Point of View, we explore why AI-powered business assurance is the key to reduce losses while enabling tangible ROI from 5G investments. The convergence of AI and 5G opens avenues of innovation and breakthroughs through automation and Machine Learning-driven decision-making.

The Point of View seeks to help CSPs understand how to:

Identify the unknowns unknown with AI and 5G democratization
• Drive predictive insights to generate ROI
• Amplify operational excellence with proactive risk mitigation
• Ensure scalability with low redundant cost
• Assure High profitability