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Case Study: Implementation of Subex's Partner Ecosystem Management Solution by a Tier 1 European Operator

What's in the Case Study?

In this case study, we will delve into the challenges faced by a Tier 1 European Operator in managing its partner ecosystem efficiently. We will explore the complexities of interconnect billing, revenue management, and settlement processes in the telecommunications industry. Discover how the operator successfully implemented Subex's Partner Ecosystem Management solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance partner satisfaction.

What You Will Learn from This Case Study:

  • The challenges associated with interconnect billing and revenue management in a telecom operator's partner ecosystem.
  • The impact of manual processes and disparate systems on operational efficiency and revenue leakage.
  • How Subex's Partner Ecosystem Management solution addressed the specific challenges faced by the operator.
  • The benefits of implementing the solution, including cost savings, improved accuracy, and enhanced partner relationships.
  • The scalability, flexibility, and resilience of the solution in handling large volumes of interconnect data.
  • How the operator monetized reports generated by the solution, creating an additional revenue stream.
By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and implementing an effective solution, organizations can optimize their partner ecosystem management and achieve remarkable results in the competitive telecommunications industry.

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