Orange Sonatel generates effective ROI and advances Revenue Assurance coverage with Subex



What's in the case study?

With Orange Sonatel planning digital transformation initiatives, they wanted to increase the efficiency at which the existing revenue assurance system could handle surging data volumes apart from gathering enhanced business intelligence. They also aimed to improve the data quality and upgrade the system availability by adding more capacity. 

Being a long-standing partner, Orange Sonatel chose Subex for its extreme due diligence, technical proficiency, automation, etc., and to support them achieve their business objectives. Subex assigned a specialist team of experts to reassess and finetune the overall Assurance coverage, automate RA tasks, and address other business risks. This helped Orange Sonatel to:

  • Generate ROI by mitigating revenue leakages  
  • Improve decision-making through business-driven insights
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by proactively handling issues
  • Deepen visibility through better data quality and audit control

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