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Overcoming the uncertainties during COVID-19

Enabling business to sustain and grow by improving customer experience and profitability

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  • Managing customer experience under the COVID-19 confinement regime
  • Overcoming declining customer engagement and core service revenues
  • An action plan for managing different focus areas such as revenue intelligence, product profitability, and customer satisfaction
  • How telecom operators can assist the government in the fight against COVID

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Harsha Burly is a Director Data Science at Subex with over 12 years of experience of enabling CSPs with advanced analytics solutions to solve business problems with technical expertise with business acumen.
Harsha Burly
Senior Director – Data Science, Subex
Harish currently serves as the Director, Analytics & Insights portfolio at Subex. He has 12+ year of experience in Marketing Operations, Customer Value Management, Optimizing Marketing performance, improving Customer Experience via data analytics, technology and platform.
Harish Kushwaha
Director, ROC Insights
Vignesh currently serves as the Delivery Manager, Analytics & Insights portfolio of Subex. He has 9+ years of experience in solving varied business problems across domain with the power of data & analytics. Passionate about driving consumption of analytics by business teams, have deployed multiple analytics driven tool to deliver automated insights & data driven recommendations.
Vignesh Venugopal
Manager, ROC Insights