Revenue Assurance to Business Assurance Transformation


ra to ba transformation

What's in the Flyer?

The recently released TM Forum Survey highlights that 40% of CSPs out of 61 who have filled out the survey already created a separate Business assurance function. Out of these, 89% consider the impact of BA on Customer Experience, 51% have transformation and migration assurance, and 47% are already using AI/ML to support Revenue Assurance/Business Assurance (RA/BA) activities. 

While conventional Revenue Assurance predominantly revolved around reconciling events, the evolution of sophisticated data transfer technologies and real-time revenue assurance helped mitigate the leakage run-time. To address the digital transformation and 5G wave, CSPs need a revolutionized Assurance strategy. Business Assurance helps CSPs:

  • Improve financial integrity, 
  • Increase business value, 
  • Enable effective business decisions, 
  • Enhance customer experience.

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