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This case study explores how Subex's converged interconnect and roaming system helped a leading APAC operator to achieve significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

Streamlining Roaming Ecosystems: How Subex's Solution Helped APAC Operator Achieve Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

What You Will Learn from This Case Study?

By reading this case study, you will learn how Subex's solution helped the APAC operator to:

  • Reduce their costs by eliminating the need for separate systems
  • Automate the configuration of over 200 accounts in just two days, reducing time and effort
  • Manage multiple roaming modules and custom reports efficiently
  • Process 5-500 million CDRs per day with ease
  • Settle roaming charges automatically, reducing errors that occurred during manual settlement
  • Bill over 400 partners in under an hour, significantly improving accuracy and reducing delays
  • Reduce the time taken to configure 100 partners from 50 days to just 1 day
  • Reduce the time taken to re-rate 30 days of traffic from 60 days to just 1 day

What You Get from This Case Study:

By reading this case study, you will gain valuable insights into how Subex's solution can help your organization achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. You will learn how the APAC operator was able to streamline their interconnect and roaming system, reduce their costs, and improve their overall performance. This case study will help you understand how Subex's solution can help you achieve similar results, and how it can benefit your organization.

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