Subex helps a Tier-1 Operator stay ahead of Wangiri Fraud with Proactive Detection

wangiri proactive

What's in the Case Study?

Wangiri fraud has become a global problem, plaguing phone users and the telecommunications industry at large. It is the need of the hour to incorporate a proactive approach to combat this fraud. Read this case study on how Subex helped the Tier-1 Operator by leveraging its deep understanding of Wangiri fraud to develop an alternate proactive detection method and achieve the following:

1.Identify over 100 distinct A-numbers and IPs initiating the Wangiri calls.
2.Identify over 1400 calls from the operator to the particular Wangiri number.
3.Amplify value from the fraud management system by detecting other types of Wangiri attacks using signaling security solution.