Technology Readiness for Assurance and Compliance Index:

Advancing Business Assurance Functions in Telecoms

The telecom sector is experiencing a profound digital transformation, propelled by the integration of AI/ML and automation technologies within Revenue/Business Assurance functions. Subex's 2023-24 Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey unveils the Technology Readiness for Assurance and Compliance Index (TRACI), which provides a structured framework for navigating technological adoption. The survey reveals pressing challenges within the industry: 60% of telecom operators have not shifted from Revenue Assurance to Business Assurance, and a significant 82% have not adopted AI/ML technologies, both groups reporting low ROI satisfaction. These and more such insights underscore the critical need for technological advancement in driving operational efficiency and revenue generation. 

TRACI strategically supports operators by:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current automation and tools, facilitating a comprehensive assessment of the technology landscape.
  • Enhancing Business Assurance functions and integrating AI/ML operations to foster operational excellence. 
  • Unlocking new revenue streams and ensuring sustained business growth through informed technological investments.

This framework not only addresses immediate operational challenges but also sets the stage for long-term success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.