Telecom Fraud Alerts - April - June 2020

FCC Proposes $225 Million Fine for Illegal Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission announced a record $225 million fine against a Texas-based insurance telemarketing firm for making as many as 1 billion illegal robocalls. Still, two FCC commissioners wondered whether the agency would collect that massive fine.

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Mumbai: ‘Sim box network’ used to get confidential defence information busted, say Police

The Crime Branch conducted raids following intelligence inputs by Jammu & Kashmir’s Military Intelligence (MI) on illegal calls being made to the Army’s civil exchange seeking sensitive information like deployment.

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Coronavirus pandemic claims another victim: Robocalls

"While reports of robocalls are way down overall, we're now hearing about callers invoking the COVID-19 pandemic to pretend to be from the government, or making illegal medical or health care pitches," an FTC blog post declared in mid-April.

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'Increase' in 'Wangiri-type' phone call scams prompts warning from telcos

In the last few days, the TCF has noticed an increase in these types of phone calls, prompting a reminder about the scam."If you see a missed call on your phone, which has a number that appears to come from overseas, unless you recognize the number, don't ring it back."

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SIM swap fraudster hits malayitshas, gets access to Mgcini Dlamini's phone number

Technology has negated tasks like queuing at a bank or a licensing department, but there are also inherent security threats associated with it. As the lockdown hit, fraud incidents look like they are on the increase as fraudsters continue to find new, innovative ways to circumvent security features and scam unsuspecting consumers.

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Scam alert: BSP cautions against unauthorized SIM swapping

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on Tuesday warned against a scam that dupes victims into swapping their SIM card in the guise of a fake promo.

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13,000 mobile phones running on same IMEI number in India

A case of fraud has been registered against the mobile phone manufacturing company and its service center. The matter came to light when police personnel gave his mobile phone to the staff at cybercrime cell for examination.

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Fraudsters using pandemic to push scam calls

It’s a scam seeing a major surge during the international health crisis, and now those behind it are getting more and more convincing by masquerading as recognizable local health insurers. Unlucky for them, they were on the phone with Chief Operations Officer for Independent Health, John Rodgers.

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