Q2 FY21


Telecom Fraud Alerts


 Total suspected fraudulent numbers reported in the month of July, August & September: 22992

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in July: 157

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in August: 97

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in September: 85

Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)

Top 10 Suspected Countries 

July 2020


August 2020


September 2020


Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)



Top Fraud Incidents Reported by Fraud Type
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Source: Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)

US victims lose $13 million from COVID-19-related scams
Scams related to travel/vacations are the most popular form of fraud, followed by those related to online shopping. Fraudsters are also impersonating various businesses – and this is the most lucrative approach for fraudsters, it seems: the total loss from 384 reported cases is $1.2 million...
Scam victims sue phone companies over bank fraud losses
Victims of banking fraud are suing their phone companies for allowing scammers to gain control of their mobile phone accounts. Three, Virgin and EE are being challenged under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU privacy law, by a group of 16 people who say they failed to protect their accounts...
UGANDA: Bank to Mobile Money Transactions Suspended Following Electronic Fraud Incident
All Bank to Mobile Money services for Stanbic Bank Uganda, MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda had been suspended following an electronic fraud incident. Some unconfirmed sources suggest losses may be equivalent to several hundred thousand US dollars...
Five suspects arrested in possession of over 2,000 unregistered Sim cards
The police recovered 1,720 unregistered Safaricom lines, 429 Airtel lines, five handsets, and five laptops. They are suspected to have been involved in electronic money fraud...
Beware of Handset Fraud: A Growing Threat

With shrinking margins from the traditional business, Handset/Device sales have become an increasingly important contributor to the Telecom operator’s overall revenue in recent years. But this new revenue stream has also enabled fraudsters to exploit the associated loopholes using various fraud methods.

Why SIM Box Fraud is Still Rampant in Africa

Despite efforts taken by telcos to curb this long-standing SIM Box issue, it continues to be a significant fraud in most parts of the world, especially in Africa. This blog talks about the various factors contributing to this and how incorporating advanced technologies can combat this menace.

Combatting Wangiri Fraud using Blockchain technology

Wangiri fraud, or what we call as one ring scam, continues to haunt telecom operators even today. As per the CFCA 2019 fraud loss survey, Wangiri is one of the top 5 fraud methods with an estimated fraud loss of close to USD 1.82 billion globally. In addition to the revenue loss, Wangiri fraud adversely affects customer experience resulting in customer churn due to bill shocks.

5 ways for telcos to minimize the impact of scam calls and messages

More than 50% of the calls made to mobile phones today are scam calls, according to recent research. These scam calls have grown exponentially in the last decade. With technological advances, scamsters are also evolving and finding newer ways to lure customers.

Transcending Traditional Methods of Averting Device Fraud

This webinar will take you through the current trends and risks in device sales, evolving fraud techniques, and why there is a need to think beyond the traditional methods to combat these threats.

Addressing Bypass Fraud through Artificial Intelligence
Addressing Bypass Fraud through Artificial Intelligence

This webinar addresses why traditional approaches are proving to be ineffective in combating Bypass fraud and how leveraging AI/ML can help in solving this issue.

A Case study on Leveraging Signaling Intelligence for Combating Fraud
A Case Study on Leveraging Signaling Intelligence for Combating Fraud

This webinar will take you through how telcos can take a proactive stance in detecting and preventing fraud. We have also covered how a tier-1 operator leveraged signaling intelligence to tackle fraud before fraudsters attacked the network.

AI Master Class for Fraud Management

In the master class, we covered what is AI for fraud and why should telcos leverage AI/ML for fraud detection? We also covered how can operators build ML models and leverage them fraud detection.