Q3 FY21


Telecom Fraud Alerts


Total suspected fraudulent numbers reported in the month of October, November & December: 11570

Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in October: 116

Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in November: 14

Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in December: 46

Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)

Top 10 Fraudulent Traffic Destinations 

October 2020


November 2020


December 2020


Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)



Top Fraud Incidents Reported by Fraud Type
Source: Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)



Wangiri scam targets millions of unsuspecting Kenyans
A transnational phone scam known as Wangiri is on the rise in Kenya, warned the country’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI Kenya).
US SIM swap fraudsters charged with multiple crimes
Two US citizens have been indicted on charges related to a phishing and SIM swap scam that saw one victim defrauded of $16,000 worth of cryptocurrency.
Fake Calls Pretending to be Amazon, Apple Support Trying to Steal Financial, Personal Data
Scammers have seemingly devised a new, convincing technique that targets people with fake calls pretending to be from the customer care department of Amazon and Apple.
FCC fines San Diego telemarketer nearly $10 million for spoofed Caller ID
According to the FCC, Ken Moser and his company, Marketing Support Systems, displayed the Caller ID number of a rival telemarketing company on some 47,610 pre-recorded robocalls in violation of the Truth in Caller ID Act.
Why ML-based fraud detection is the way forward for Telco Fraud Management?

In this blog, an industry expert Joseph Nderitu takes us through the evolution of fraud across recent years and how AI/ML can be the game-changer in our fight against this persistent threat.

Dealing with Bypass Fraud: Think beyond the boundaries

Bypass Fraud continues to be a recurring problem globally for more than a decade now, causing huge revenue losses to telcos. It is the need of the hour to think beyond the traditional methods to combat this issue.

Beware of Handset Fraud: A Growing Threat

With shrinking margins from the traditional business, Handset/Device sales have become an increasingly important contributor to the Telecom operator’s overall revenue in recent years. But this new revenue stream has also enabled fraudsters to exploit the associated loopholes using various fraud methods.

Why SIM Box Fraud is Still Rampant in Africa

Despite efforts taken by telcos to curb this long-standing SIM Box issue, it continues to be a significant fraud in most parts of the world, especially in Africa. This blog talks about the various factors contributing to this and how incorporating advanced technologies can combat this menace.