The Power of AI/ML in Partner Settlement and Route Optimization


the power of AIML

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What's in the Point of View?

In today's rapidly evolving B2B landscape, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face unique challenges and opportunities that demand innovative solutions. In this Point of View, we look at how Ai/ML can help CSPs assure growth and profitability

Key Highlights:
  • Emergence of 5G, IoT, and Edge: New technologies, stagnant revenues from traditional services, and the need to launch new services on 5G, IoT, and Edge
  • Challenges in Partner Management: CSPs facing hurdles in managing diverse partners, non-traditional pricing models, real-time responsiveness, and data overload.
  • AI/ML as the Solution: Discover how AI/ML technologies transform partner settlement and route optimization, providing enhanced data analysis, real-time agility, automated credit management, and optimized traffic breakout.
  • Impact on CSPs: Learn how AI/ML empowers CSPs to adapt quickly, unlock revenue opportunities, and thrive in the dynamic B2B landscape.

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