Tier 1 Operator Reduces 5x times the Bad Debt from Risky Customers through Subex Business Assurance



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What's in the Case Study?

The CSPs lack a real-time, holistic view of collections and face rising costs of recovering dues that require high follow-up in collection efforts and acquisition commissions. Stagnating revenue realization forces the CSPs to find better ways to reduce bad debts and optimize collection analysis.

CSPs continue to invest in their collection analysis activities that are highly manual, and the key risk parameters are not updated to customers regularly. CSPs must understand to keep a close check on the collection segmentation, credit limits, system delay resolution to assess profitability. In the case study document, we discuss in detail how we partnered with a Tier 1 operator to reduce bad debts and optimize collection analysis that helped to make an informed decision and achieve growth in revenue realization.

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