Uncovering the best practices to assure healthy margins

A Panel discussion with tmforum

Date: 24 August 2022

10:00 AM GMT  |  11:00 AM BST
03.30 PM GMT  |  11.30 AM EDT

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Uncovering the best practices to assure healthy margins

Telecom operators are reporting a decline in their revenues. This trend makes it critical for them to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in managing the costs required to deliver the best services to their customers. 

In this panel discussion, we join TM Forum to explore why Margin Assurance needs to become a key dimension adopted by Business Assurance teams. The session will also highlight some of the key aspects decision-makers need to consider to enhance growth and profitability by negating margin risks.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Why assuring margins is becoming critical for telcos
  • Understanding how telcos can assure their margins around Customer, Partner, and Products.
  • A look into cost allocation modelling for direct and indirect cost
  • Ways to improve profitability from the underlying margins
  • Defined approach to enhance decision making and insights for cross-functional verticals: CFO, Sales, CTO, Marketing, Customer Operations, and others.

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Ashwin Menon (Moderator)
Product Head, Business Assurance


Joann O’Brien (Panelist)
Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum


Stefan Buliga (Panelist)
Principal Consultant