Q1 FY22


Telecom Fraud Alerts


 Total suspected fraudulent numbers reported in the month of April, May, June: 25,782

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in April: 25

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in May: 68

 Number of countries reported for fraudulent traffic in June: 91

Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)

Top 10 Fraudulent Traffic Destinations 


Apr 21


may 21


june 21

Source: GSMA & Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE)
Top Fraud Incidents Reported by Fraud Type

Source: Subex's MS Center of Excellence (CoE) & GSMA

Identity theft cases spike during pandemic
Data from the Federal Trade Commission and New York Comptroller shows that the number of reported cases of identity theft increased by 85% year over year. Credit card fraud was the most commonly reported type of identity theft.
Don't trust caller ID on phones, says Ofcom
The UK telecoms regulator warned the public not to trust caller ID on their phones as it tries to help stop people from becoming victims of fraud. Fraudsters are increasingly changing their caller ID to disguise their identity, known as number spoofing.
Sask. residents see an influx of calls from foreign countries; experts warn not to call back
Many Saskatchewan residents experienced an influx of "robocalls" from foreign countries. Phone service providers are monitoring the situation and taking steps to block the calls.
Illegal SIM box exchange used to route calls for terror outfits busted in Bengaluru
Officials believe the illegal phone exchange was being used to relay calls from terror group agents. A total of 32 SIM boxes were recovered from six sites. These SIM boxes were powered by as many as 960 unlawfully obtained SIM cards.
Customer Protection – More Critical Than Ever

Robocalls, Spam, and Scam calls continue to be a significant problem globally, causing financial and reputational damage. In this blog, our author takes you through his experiences of this growing threat and the way forward.

Mobile Money is Rewriting the Fraud Landscape in Africa

Africa continues to be the global leader in mobile money services. However, the digital access of money has also widened the door for fraudsters to commit theft. Read this blog to understand the origin of the risk, different types of mobile money frauds, and the need for a multi-pronged strategy to combat this.

Combat SIP threats with a Proactive Approach

With telecom operators transitioning to IP-based communications to tap into the benefits that come with such systems, there has been a rise in the threats and vulnerabilities that accompany them. This blog talks about the need for a proactive approach to combat such vulnerabilities in a modern telco landscape.

Combating Wangiri Fraud: The Need for Collaboration

With Wangiri Fraud continuing to haunt telecom operators even today, it is of pressing priority that the fraud management systems have access to real-time information to tackle this fraud effectively.

Tier-1 operator stays ahead of Wangiri Fraud with proactive detection
Case Study
Subex helps a Tier-1 Operator stay ahead of Wangiri Fraud with Proactive Detection
African operator uncovers Mobile Money Fraud, saves USD 3 Million
Case Study
African operator uncovers mobile money fraud, saves USD 3 million
An integrated approach to mitigate revenue and fraud risks
Case Study
Leading Middle East Operator chooses Subex for a holistic risk management approach
Saving $1 million in OPEX through cell site analytics
Case Study
A Middle East Telecom Operator combats SIP frauds with Subex’s Signaling Intelligence Solution
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